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My Studies is where children go to work through their learning journeys, there assigned activities.

The activities are displayed on a board, this board is split into three distinct sections:

  1. To Do - Activities which have been assigned but not yet started.
  2. In Progress - Activities which have been started but not yet completed.
  3. Done - Activities which have had all the questions answered correctly.

If the site is not working in your browser then it is probably because you are using an outdated web browser to connect to our web service.

PrimaryLeap recommends the use of Google Chrome for the best digital experience, however, any modern web browser will do, check your browser, if you are using internet explorer please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Worksheets are our traditional content and the roots of PrimaryLeap, it is where it all started for us, and we know what they mean for our users and will continue to offer and develop these.

Worksheets quite simply are a collection of downloadable worksheets and answer sheet designed for parents and teachers alike to use as part of your child’s daily homework routine.

Activities contain tutorials and an interactive assessment activities and are available through the interactive element of our educational suite.

Our tutorials deliver high quality learning content that is presented in a rich and engaging way and caters for a variety of educational levels, basic, intermediate and a more advanced level. Once a child completes a tutorial (the learning element) they will move on to performing the activity part of the education suite, these activities are interactive mini tests that assess if the child has learned the concept or content of the turtorialsWhat , and recommends back areas to go back and work on before being able to progress any further along the learning journey.

ATOMS are our in-platform currency, children earn ATOMS by completing activities across the platform. In order to unlock any given Periodic Hero a child must exchange earned ATOMS in exchange for the Periodic Hero.

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